Gameday System

Gameday Performance System [GPS]

Gameday Performance System is a dynamic systematic approach to turning managers into leaders, and taking leaders to the next level. GPS is broken down into three different packages to help move any workplace to achieve new levels of excellence. For more information about Brad or Gameday Performance Systems, please contact using the form to the right or at the bottom of the page.

Team Building

This is not your typical “play games all day” team building event. These team building events take the powerful tools that the elite professional sports teams use, and empowers your office to adopt the same high performance techniques, in a fun and entertaining way. Your teams will finish the events with easy to use tools and techniques to help communicate and interact with other team members in a productive manner.

The lessons learned in the GPS Team Building experience will enrich your workforce and achieve better results long-term then any other team building exercises your tried before. Brad’s patented GPS Scoreboard™ system allows your teams to continually apply the techniques learned year around.

Management Training

The Management Training system equips managers at all levels of the organization to run effectively efficient meetings that bring their teams to a new level of performance. Feel your department meetings aren’t achieving you results you’d like? Let Brad and the GPS Management Training system help your managers operate at the high level of performance found only in professional sports teams. Brad’s systematic approach to making leaders out of managers will equip any team leader in any industry with the necessary tools to easily perform better then they could imagine.

Managers will obtain the systems to become better problem solvers, achieve greater team compliance and better cooperation and performance from their teams. The patented GPS Scoreboard™empowers your managers to continually improve their leadership qualities and team performance year around.

Executive Coaching

Brad’s GPS Executive Coaching system is designed to bring leaders to the next level. As an executive, you have the responsibility to create and implement the strategy and vision of the company. It’s often easy to create, but implementing is an entirely different story. The GPS Executive Coaching system gives you as the visionary the tools that the top professional coaches use to easily move your company in the direction of your vision.

The GPS Executive Coaching is right for you if you want to create a greater efficiency and systematic approach to empowering your managers and teams to carry out your strategy and vision as if it was their own.

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